Dia de la Raza

On the day that US residents know as Columbus Day the Spanish-speaking countries of our hemisphere celebrate Dia de la Raza, the day that marks the beginning a new people created by the blending of different races.

At Centro Santa Catalina the kindergarten children acted out one version of this story that has come down to us in history. (Critical historians would certainly differ with some aspects that were presented!)

One little girl was dressed as Queen Isabella of Spain and presented her chest of jewels to Columbus so that he could buy his three ships and sail across the vast ocean. (King Ferdinand happened to be sick on Friday so he couldn't be present to help!)

The lookouts on the ships' masts cried out together, "Tierra! Land!" When the tired sailors disembarked they were greeted by natives who danced for them. The natives were all wearing feathered headdresses that they had made in their classrooms earlier in the day.

I asked one little girl what she thought the natives gave the sailors to eat. She told me, "Birthday cake!"